Why You Should Get an Electric Bike

In the past couple of years, electric bikes have soared in popularity across demographics, ages, and locations.

Sales continue to skyrocket in the wake of the pandemic and lock-down, as city dwellers look for alternative modes of transportation.

Not only is an electric bike a sure way to maintain social distance, but it offers a wealth of health and environmental benefits. Below are some of the top advantages of riding an electric bike:

  1. Do Your Part for the Environment

Contribute to the eco-economy by investing in an electric bike for your daily commute.

Electric bikes only use battery power, which can be recycled (if disposed of correctly) when they have reached their lifespan.

One of the biggest risks to the environment is global warming — and while this might seem like an issue that’s out of your control, the Earth’s rising temperature is actually caused by human activity.

This means that each decision we make — from owning a car to using solar power — affects life on earth. Decreasing the sheer number of cars on the road can minimize traffic congestion and have a significant impact on the environment in urban spaces.

2.    Improved Mental Clarity, Focus, and Happiness

Riding an electric bike is great to help combat a sedentary lifestyle,

something more people have struggled with as a result of the pandemic.

Regularly riding an electric bike is an easy way to get a consistent workout, the same as you would on a road bike or mountain bike.

The benefits of using an electric bike are numerous: riding an electric bike will boost energy, increase your metabolic rate, and increase blood circulation throughout your entire body.

Not only are e-bikes proven to reduce stress, but the simple fact of being outside can do wonders for overall mental health and well-being.

In general, most people who ride electric bikes experience a natural form of relaxation and/or pleasure.

3.    Get Outdoors More

People who use more electric bikes are found to spend more time outdoors than those who ride conventional bikes.

Electric bikes require an upfront investment, so people who purchase them are likely avid riders or excited by an all new-high speed mode of transportation.

One study found that electric bike riders rode 2x more than they were required to voluntarily.

The sheer speed and range riders can travel using pedal-assist is a huge motivator to get outdoors, climb hills, or ride for long distances.

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